Attention smokers who would like to know how to quit smoking once and for all...

"Who else wants to be nicotine free for the rest of their life without barking at family and friends ... without gaining weight ... and without that urge for 'just this one'?"

The Amazing Thing Of Course is The Speed At Which StayQuit® Works. It is Rather Remarkable That You Can Actually Get Rid of Your Desire to Smoke, Vap or Chew!
. . . And if you resume, no matter why, StayQuit® won't have cost you one red cent.
(More about this below.)

"I haven't had a cigarette in over 40 years. Not since the day way back in 1964 when Jim showed me how to use his insights to quit smoking; years before he developed them into a coaching system in Washington D.C. (P.S. He was so insightful in so many other ways I married him.)" - Kathryn Eickhoff-Smith

From the desk of StayQuit® founder Jim Smith on a

Dear Smoker,

If you never again want to find yourself reaching for a cigarette, overeating, or feeling continually on edge trying to cut down, this might be the most importint informtion you'll ever read: I'm reopening my one-on-one coaching program StayQuit®.

I'm going out on a limb and assume you are where I was in my 20s and 30s: up nicotine's creek without a paddle. You've tried to stop smoking with many of the smoking cessation methods including nicotine gum, nicotine patches, gutting it out cold turkey; maybe even hypnotism or electric jolts. But always found yourself a few months later lighting up again . . . even the ever-more-frequent frowns from family and friends didn't help.


I knew the benefits of quitting smoking, and spent eight years trying to stayquit, but I was still smoking one and a half packs a day. I quit more times than I can remember.

Fortunately for me (and for you) during my last attempt I discovered the crucial secret to being nicotine free for life.

Five years later my bride-to-be mentioned that she wanted to quit so I coached her in how to use my discoveries and she hasn't smoked since. More importantly neither has the friend she then coached! Through them I figured out why so many smokers relapse:

  • They don't have a proven routine preparing for their Quit-Day.
  • They use the AA approach: "You'll always want to - we'll help you not give in."
  • They get guidance from reseachers who
    • never smoked
    • seek a lucrative one-size-fits-all pill, patch or program . . .and
    • deep-down think all smokers could quit if they "really" wanted to.

This is what led me to turn my discoveries into a coaching program that guarantees life-long results even for those who have failed so often they've given up hope.

BTW - If you had told me back in the 80s that my methods would still not be the norm in the next (this) century, I would have just laughed. (Likewise, if you had told me that every dollar I was saving for my retinement would only be worth 35 cents when I did retire, I would have had another good laugh.)

But I'm not laughing: still only 10% of the smokers who quit each year stay quit long term.

StayQuit starts off recognizing that everybody's habit is different. Although many of us have similar "triggers" there's no one-size-fits-all magic bullet. The habit's 2 fundementals are:

  1. Nobody STARTS SMOKING. We try one as kids because it's a no-no; then have another to show we can handle the coughs and tears; then another when it's time to be cool . . .
  2. We unwittingly program ourselves to smoke and we all can reprogram ourselves.

Nicotine addiction is like a 3-strand braided rope: Each inhale ... vap ... gum chew ... patch reinforces one or more of the strands.

To break free for life we first unravel your rope and discover which drags reinforce which of the strands: nicotine addiction ... biological accomodation ... disassociated thinking.

Let me emphasize: everybody's habit is different. There's no one-size-fits-all magic bullet; no 1-2-3 quit smoking app. That's why we start off with a free, one-on-one get together to map out the best route to get you free from nicotine.


Let's get smoking's choke-hold out of your life forever. You want to quit and you're tired of watching fists full of money go up in smoke, again and again. So here's my completely risk-free, peace-of-mind ASSURANCE that makes this offer so outstanding:
If you don't stay quit, no matter why, no matter when, my coaching program won't have cost you ONE RED CENT.
Here's how it works. My up front fee is your cost for a one year's supply of cigarettes. If you do relapse, I return the balance of your fee. I keep what you would have spent on smokes. So if you go back to smoking in two months, I refund you 5/6ths of the fee (10/12); if you succumb after 6 months you get 1/2 back. BYW: I had the same guarantee back in the 80s in D.C. and NYC and never had to make a return. The StayQuit breakthroughs are that awesome!

But StayQuit® isn't for everyone. To qualify you have to have been without nicotine for at least 24 hours recently: no inhales, sniffs, chews, vaps or patches.

Even if this is you, we may not be able to start right away. You see, initially we'll be working together closely and I can only take on three or four more clients at this time. So . . .

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/Jim Smith/

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